BEYOND THE EXAM ROOM'S proven, CME-accredited curriculum supplements traditional medical education/training by providing physicians (at all levels) with the information, processes, and resources necessary to make informed decisions and to positively shape healthcare in a tumultuous healthcare environment and to assist in building viable and sustainable practices and healthcare systems.


CC: Stress, S.O.B. and pain

HPI: Sudden onset of tachycardia, SOB, and headaches consistently occurring upon exiting an exam room upon being barraged with requests, comments and complaints. Pain (8 out of 10) intensifies with double-booking or late patients and vacation requests from employees working for less than 30 days. Symptoms started on the first day of practice and increase changes in wRVUs and thoughts of value-based anything.

PMH: Early in our medical careers, we found ourselves running practices of all sizes - as physicians, without a clue and no preparation. Sound familiar? The daily stress of making financial, hiring and firing, and inventory decisions on top of negotiating contracts proved, in many ways, to be more stressful, daunting and overwhelming than caring for our patients. Simultaneously, our colleagues began calling us for advice in these practice and business areas, and we realized that none of us (physicians in any specialty) received the information, tools and resources that would enable us to build viable practices.

Assessment: The ability/capacity to treat patients does not equate to the ability to run a practice or to contribute to a practice’s success as a physician employee.

Diagnosis: Hypo-Education on Non-Clinical Subjects

Plan: Educate and develop a comprehensively prepared physician workforce tooled to become healthcare leaders amidst change and practice transformation via



Because it matters for us, our families and our patients, both now and in the future. We understand that physicians who are comprehensively-prepared to lead are:

  • Patients’ and Practices’ most dedicated allies

  • Best and enduring leaders 

  • Life-long learners

  • Solutions-oriented, problem-solvers 

  • Essential change agents in practice transformation


We know that young doctors do not graduate medical school and complete residency with all of the skills that are necessary for successful careers in medicine. We understand that being a physician requires administrative, financial, and leadership skills that are not part of most medical educations.

As physicians, we are trained to learn and think like doctors and students through decades of highly specific education, and we believe that the best people to teach new skills to physicians are other physicians!

This is the philosophy that has inspired our motto, “Physicians Educating Physicians.” We know that having a successful career in medicine is about more than being a great doctor. It takes a BTER® Doctor.


The medical field has changed rapidly in recent years. New technologies, such as digital record keeping, have required seasoned doctors to adapt to new Electronic Medical Record systems. Trends in the business of medicine, such as increasing consolidation of hospitals into larger healthcare organizations, and local practices into hospitals, necessitate improvements in communication to handle strategy across larger groups, and new policies that better suit these groups.

But what hasn’t changed and most likely never will, is that doctors remain the heart of the increasingly complex field of medicine. Doctors still preform the same job they always have, helping patients prevent and overcome illness. As to core element of medical organizations, doctors must understand the business. Doctors are responsible for implementing organization-wide policy on an individual level. They need to understand the goals of the policies, and have a hand in creating them. Doctors must know how to interact with insurance companies, which are increasingly involved in day-to-day patient care, and must understand the long term financial goals of organizations they work for, so that they are aware of how their patients and their own careers will be effected.

"Empowered physicians are happier physicians which leads to better patient outcomes and happier families and better lives."

Beyond The Exam Room Bonnie

A physician, educator and innovator, Dr. Bonnie Mason has received national recognition for the work she has done to improve the lives of her fellow physicians.



Through innovative educational programs on the business of medicine, leadership and diversity, Dr. Mason’s personal mission is to teach, facilitate and empower future and current physicians to reach their maximum potential as comprehensively-prepared medical professionals. The past 20 years as a clinician and educator have enabled her to develop expertise in medical education program innovation and implementation from the physician’s perspective.

Dr. Mason is an alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management, holds adjunct professorships in GME at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Texas, Medical Branch in Galveston. She has held committee and board positions on various AAOS groups such as the leadership Fellows Committee and the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society.




Previously a practicing, board certified orthopedic surgeon and physician administrator of a private practice, Dr. Mason was forced into early retirement due to rheumatoid arthritis. She now leverages her years of clinical and administrative experience to help doctors build careers, first, matching more than 100 women and underrepresented minorities with orthopedic residency programs through her non-profit, Nth Dimensions, and now through Beyond The Exam Room teaching doctors, residents and students the skills they need to live the best possible lives in a rapidly changing medical landscape.

Dr. Mason is also a proud wife and the mother of two future leaders.