Top 10 reasons why Beyond the Exam Room’s Signature Course – “A Life Course for Healthcare Providers” is worth your time

We get it! Taking time away from your work and family is hard to do, but why is the Beyond the Exam Room Signature Course worth it? Here are 10 reasons:

1.  As docs, we don't know what we don't know. Between medical school and residency, we learned how to be outstanding clinicians…. but we didn't learn everything, e.g :

  • how to make the career decisions in career
  • how to determine which practice to join
  • how to manage financial risk when balancing our student loans with building financial security

Mastery of personal and business fundamentals will help you serve well and fulfill your calling as a physician.

2.  Nobody knows like a fellow doctor. The magic of Google and social networking puts a wealth of knowledge in the palm of your hand. But nothing – nothing – can replace the power of relationships. It's crucial to connect with others who understand your unique context, particularly those who are in different stages of the physician life cycle. At our Signature Event, you'll also be personally lead by Dr. Bonnie Mason, a previously practicing board certified orthopedic surgeon and physician administrator of a private practice now dedicated to teaching doctors the skills they need to live their best possible lives.

3.  …except maybe our accredited professional expert faculty. Our faculty members aren't just experts in their field – the law, financial planning, insurance, accounting – they are experts in the unique context of medical professionals. BTER faculty are carefully selected and prepared to lead our events.

4.  Healthcare is changing. From Obamacare to Trumpcare to MACRA and beyond, the healthcare environment is undergoing a sea change. All of those changes will have impacts not only on how you practice medicine, but how you are paid, who pays you, impact on your practice, regulatory compliance and so much more. We'll talk about how to navigate those changes and more.

5.  …and so is everything else. It's not just health care that is changing. How we relate to one another is changing, too. Social media has become ubiquitous, and doctors need to know how to use these tools effectively and ethically to stay abreast of important conversations and stay connected with both patients and peers.

6.  Running a practice means running a business. Just as with any business, you need to know how to negotiate contracts, the basics of real estate, how to handle tricky human resources situations, risk reduction, insurance fundamentals and more. BTER Signature Course will include a workshop on how to avoid contract and legal landmines.

7.  Everyone needs personal finance skills. Medicine can be a lucrative career as well as a noble calling, but only if you've mastered the basics of personal finance and developed a strong strategy that changes as your career progresses. The BTER Signature Course will include a panel discussion on personal finance, as well as a workshop on estate planning.

8.  You might want to make a career change one day. Maybe one day is now. What other options are out there? We'll help you explore, and discuss what you need to do to get ready to make a transition.

9.  You aren't in this alone. This is one course that encourages you to bring an accountability partner with you to learn about building security and freedom for yourself and your family. You don’t have to learn all of this alone, so bring a friend, family member, spouse or partner. You'll hear real talk from real couples during our lunch session.

10.  Other doctors recommend it. Here's what one recent BTER Signature Course participant had to say:

"That was an excellent event! Professional, ON TIME, and so informative! Now, it did stress me out...on many levels...but I think I needed that. I was literally about to get in bed and snuggle up with my 2017 goals worksheet to get my s#@% together! But your speakers were all very good...practical and well informed."

Our next Beyond the Exam Room Signature Course will be held May 13 at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City in Arlington, Va. Click here to register now.

Brenda Smith