SIP to Success

Hello, Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason with today's business of

medicine tip for you as a young physician or a practicing physician.


I want to talk to you about a mindset shift for us.

We have been strategically planning our entire medical career throughout our lives…

…but I want to talk to you about applying those same principles to the non-clinical aspects of our lives

I want us to SIP our way to success.

By using this strategy, I want us to think about being intentional with our documentation and

proactive with our communication with the decision-makers both at home and at work.

When we employ a strategy, then we are leaving very few things to chance.

We are planning out and setting some milestones and benchmarks for ourselves

that we want to meet so that we can live the lives we want to lead.

Many times, as we are working, working, working, working, we are forced to be very reactive.

  • We react to the next patient emergency.

  • We react to the next change that the administration has made. 

Well, then where does that leave us?


Many times that leaves us feeling quite out of control and quite hopeless.

But if we take time, and I suggest doing so quarterly, to sit down and create some strategies

for ourselves where we put in place plans for both our professional lives and our

personal lives, that we can actually start seeing…

  • ourselves making progress

  • meeting certain milestones

  • maybe such as paying down our student loans

  • or maybe treating ourselves to a vacation

  • or maybe transitioning to a better job

But if we do so, we need to be strategic about that.

We need to be intentional about documenting all of the necessary steps that will help us get from

A to B more fluently and more effectively, and then we also need to have proactive,

which means we need to plan frequent meetings and frequent opportunities to communicate

with of powers that be, both either at work or at home so that we can meet the objectives of the strategy.

I know this sounds a little bit kind of pie-in-the-sky and something we're not used to doing,

but I have found in my 12 and 14 years of both educating, mentoring, and coaching

physicians at every level, when we put a strategy in place, we're winners.


We're going to meet the goals of the strategy.

We're going to meet the goals of the plan, but we have to have that strategy in place,

but we have to be intentional and proactive about putting it in place to begin with.

So that's it.

We're going to SIP our way to success.

S is for strategy

Be intentional about out documentation with that strategy, and being proactive

about communicating that strategy to the powers that be so that we can be successful.

That's who we are.

We're winners.

That's what we do. We win. All right?

We can do so with the SIPing to success.

Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD  Co-Founder, CEO®  Physicians Educating Physicians

Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD
Co-Founder, CEO®
Physicians Educating Physicians

Bonnie Mason