Welcome to Your Discomfort Zone - Contracts

Hello. Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond The Exam Room.

I'm also your Contract's Catalysts Coach.

What in the world is that?

I am the person who takes my fellow physicians through an entire educational and coaching process around contracts.


Because we hate contracts. We don't even want to look at the contract.

Plus, we've been educated in a way that really focuses us on clinical medicine and not on anything that has to do with the non clinical or business side. Look, contracts are going to be central to governing your everyday practice career and subsequently your personal career.

So, welcome to your discomfort zone.

The discomfort zone of contracts, and I know that might make us feel at little yucky in the belly. Listen, we've done discomfort before.

Everyday we walk in to see a new patient, we're walking into the unknown, and sometimes that can be very uncomfortable.

We adapt.

Think about it…

…when we walk into the trauma bay or we walk into any procedure or a delivery… we don't know what's going to happen. 

"We pride ourselves on remaining and being able to maintain equanimity under duress."

That is a quote by Doctor LaSelle Lefall, a famous general surgeon at Howard University where I trained.

But listen, we can do discomfort well.

So, let's just apply that same mindset into understanding what's in our contract after we understand what's important to us. And then, we can create a negotiation strategy where we go in to this negotiation and we are empowered.

We are affirming the win win and we actually walk out really having won the battle which is actually negotiating in the first place, having that critical conversation.

So, let's do it.

I want you to shift your mindset. We all have to shift our mindset.

And the only reason I can say this is probably now (with being in business for the past 12 years or so plus), I've seen hundreds and hundreds of contracts, and not only that, in the past couple of years, when I've been officially reviewing contracts and coaching docs through this Contracts Catalyst course, I've probably seen another 100 or so physician employment contracts.

So, once we learn the language…

  1. We can nail it

  2. We can understand it

  3. We can make it work for us.

So, welcome to your discomfort zone with Dr. Bonnie, and your Contracts Catalyst.

Thank you so much.

Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD  Co-Founder, CEO BeyondtheExamRoom.com®  Physicians Educating Physicians

Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD
Co-Founder, CEO
Physicians Educating Physicians

Bonnie Mason