Are changes in your practice or challenges causing you confusion, stress and analysis paralysis?

By garnering support to combat overwhelm and isolation and to mitigate additional professional, practice and personal losses, I will serve as a professional short, mid or long-term consultant/coach committed to supporting you through the navigation of the complex challenges of your career or practice.

Alternatively, consider the cost of not moving through the current challenges in an organized and efficient manner.


Elite Coaching and Consulting includes:

  • Weekly 45-minute BTER Power Moves Strategy and Consulting Sessions
  • BTER CME Credits: Practical CMEs for you, your practice and your family
  • 2017 Goals Form: Accountability while learning
  • Master Files Checklist: Comprehensive checklists of the professional and personal documents all in one place
  • BTER Financial Strategy for BEST Docs: Details the two arms of the financial strategy for the BEST docs and our families
  • BTER Go-To-Team of Trusted Advisors: Establish meeting dates and time-sensitive goals with current or new trusted advisors
  • Plus 3 Client-Specific Bonuses
  •  Additional monthly support to be discussed


Ready to make Power Moves to a BTER® Life?

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