Physicians and all healthcare professionals require knowledgeable and trustworthy support from professionals in their Go To Team of Advisors, i.e. Physician Mentors, Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Accountants, Bankers, and Practice Administrators. It is essential these professional are knowledgeable about the 21st Century Physician, their needs and challenges of providing care for patients in a tumultuous healthcare environment.

Beyond the Exam Room's (BTER's) Course for Professionals is a physician developed curriculum customized for advisors who engage healthcare providers and provides a comprehensive understanding of:

1) the evolving challenges facing healthcare providers from all specialties

2) the communication missteps often made by professionals supporting those in healthcare

3) the skills necessary to create a value relationship to support healthcare providers with tools and meaningful strategies based on the BTER curriculum and core value

BTER® Course description

BTER® Foundation 101 Course

Building awareness and sensitivity for professionals serving the medical community. 

Objectives:  Upon completion of the  BTER® Foundation 101 Course, participants should be able to:                                                                                                                        

1) Describe the educational phases for physician in detail

2) Elucidate on the challenges that serve as primary stressors for physicians, i.e. debt, legislative changes

3) Differentiate between their perceived vs. actual characteristics of physician clients based on didactic sessions with BTER® physician faculty

4) Distinguish between verbiage that is conducive to working with the medical market or not

5) Conduct a mock initial interview of physician clients and their spouses using tools from the 101 session

BTER® Essential Skills Course 201

Building key skill sets necessary for creating meaningful and valuable interactions for the professional and physician.

Objectives: Upon completion of the BTER® Essential Skills 201 Course, participants should be able to:

1) Analyze a physician employment contract using BTER® RISC Analysis™

2) Quantify the benefits package offered as it relates to the entire compensation package being offered

3) Demonstrate their ability to analyze a contract and quantify benefits for BTER® multi-disciplinary faculty

BTER® Strategy and Delivery 301 Course

Developing Strategies for Adding Value and Goal Setting.                                                                                                                                                                                 

1) Understand their critical role as a Go To Advisor for physicians

2) Describe their current and future strategies for relationship building with other Go To Advisors on behalf of the physician

3) Devise a strategy for developing a financial road map for physician clients and their families to be presented orally at the culmination of the BTER® 301 session (using a demonstrated knowledge of the BTER® modules)

4) Develop individual short, mid and long-term goals for building relationships with physicians

BTER Course registration

Course 101: Friday, May 12, 2017 - $497

(This is a professional courtesy rate for the 101 session only to see if the entire accreditation course is a good fit for you and your professional goals)

Course Valued at $1597

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