BTER works together with healthcare leaders, like chief medical officers and heads of physician integration, to tackle their top organizational concerns of engaging and retaining physicians, and mitigating 6 to 7-figure turnover costs. We understand the challenges you face with recruiting and retaining your physicians.  
We offer a physician-developed, physician-focused 11 CME credit program for your physicians that focus on physician engagement, retention and communications. These credits are tailored to both the professional and personal lives of physicians. BTER’s overall goal is for our physician employers to increase physician engagement, with training available both online and in-person, in order to:

  • Mitigate the 6 to 7-figure costs of physician turnover.
  • Build physician participation in the healthcare transformation process.
  • Energize physician recruitment platforms.
  • Increase physician retention through development.
  • Decrease burnout with operational training.
  • Ultimately increase practice viability and sustainability.

We provide physicians with BTER education to master the fundamentals of business, practice management, healthcare economics and finance to facilitate and promote:

  • Physician Connectivity and Stability
  • Physician Engagement in Problem Solving
  • Physician Alignment amidst Change
  • Physician Understanding of Role in Organizational Viability

We work with your physician integration team and lead physicians to customize a physician-faculty development, CME program, which includes:

  • BTER® CME-Accredited Modules
  • A GME/CME Module Workbook
  • Program Templates, Blueprints and Checklists
  • Access to BTER®’s Go-To Team of Advisors
  • Physician Development and Engagement Sessions
  • Access to Monthly Webinars*
  • Individual Coaching Sessions with Lead Physicians **
* Physicians will be invited to participate in either BTER® Directed Curriculum or BTER®’s On-Demand/Self-Directed Curriculum.
** Additional costs may apply for specific training.


Our modules cover a range of topics, from choosing the right type of practice to understanding trends in medicine as they evolve. The physicians that enroll in our program have the ability to choose the modules they feel are most relevant to them however, we recommend that physicians enroll in the full program in order.


The per-physician cost is $997 for eleven [11] Category 1 AMA Continuing Medical Education credits that will be provided to each physician enrolled. Program costs are per physician enrolled, at a rate near $91 per CME.

If you are ready to bring BTER to your physician/s, click below to enroll or schedule a physician demo.