Q: What is Beyond the Exam Room?

A: Beyond the Exam Room (BTER, pronounced ‘better’) is an educational firm made up of practicing physicians whose goal is to teach our physician colleagues about the crucial aspects of practicing medicine that were not taught in medical school or through training.


Q: Who can benefit from BTER?

A: All physicians can benefit, because we are moving into a new healthcare space, and everyone needs a foundation in healthcare economics and leadership in a way that’s never been true before.


Q: Why was Beyond the Exam Room developed?

A: As practicing physicians, we felt the pain and torture of having to run physician practices on our own. 


Q: Is Beyond the Exam Room only for doctors and clinicians?

A: Physicians and clinicians are our first target group, but we also want physician spouses and partners to register for our curriculum, so that the physician and the physician’s family can learn about the topics that will inform the decisions they make together as a family.


Q: What other professionals can benefit from these modules?

A: Beyond the Exam Room recommends that all physicians surround themselves with a Go To team of advisors. These advisors include, but are not limited to, an attorney - specializing in physician clients, a financial planner, a banker, an accountant, an executive coach, and a physician mentor. Each one of these advisors can become BTER certified through our courses.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: Each of our CME certified modules costs $100 to take individually, or, there is a discounted price of $1000 to take all of the modules.


Q: How do I pay for my CME modules?

A: For physicians, go through the BTER Home Page, click Physicians for CMEs, and you’ll be directed to the University of Louisville’s CME page, which is the certifying body for our CMEs.  If you would like to become a BTER certified faculty advisor, please email our team at info@beyondtheexamroom.co for updated class schedule.


Q: How long do I have to complete the modules?

A: As of now, your CME registration allows for 1 year access to the modules.


Q: Can healthcare systems sponsor multiple seats for physicians?

A: Yes, for large groups please email our team at info@beyondtheexamroom.co.


Q: Is there a group discount offered for a group wishing to take the courses together?

A: We work with large groups to make BTER classes more accessible, please contact us for more details.


Q: How do I receive my CME credits?

A: Your CMEs will be issued through the University of Louisville department of Continuing Medical Education, and the process is built into the BTER modules upon full completion.


Q: How many modules are available?

A: There are currently 12 modules available through our website.


Q: Are you developing any additional modules?

A: Yes, we are excited about our specialty and region specific modules which are scheduled to launch in early 2017. Stay tuned!


Q: Why should I choose to work with Beyond the Exam Room?

A: BTER provides physicians with the fundamentals of business, finance, and leadership, which can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Because we are physicians ourselves, we relate this information to other physicians in ways that are familiar. Our goal is to deliver action steps, tools and resources to help you be BTER informed, make BTER decisions and lead the BEST life possible.