Here's what the BTER® Power Moves Success System includes:

  • BTER CME Modules - Finally, Docs!  Practical CMEs for physicians and your family.
  • Three Power Moves Strategy Calls - 45 minute Group – Power Packed 45 minute accountability sessions. Bring it! 
  • Master Family Files Template – What YOU need, all in one place.
  • BTER Quarterly Meeting Blueprint – Your blueprint for quarterly success with your accountability partner.
  • Comprehensive Financial Strategy Roadmap – paves a clear path to building both arms of your overall financial strategy.



Bonus 1 Private FB Group – Private access to core accountability group
Bonus 2 – One 20 minute 1:1 Coaching Session
Bonus 3 – Kid Friendly Activity Sheets

Total value of $1997 – for ONLY $997

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BTER CME Modules – Finally, practical CMEs for physicians and family!

Why is this module important to me?                   What QUestions does this module answer?

Your Professional Life Cycle

What happens after I start out in practice? What are my goals and objectives over the lifetime of my career? How do I frame my priorities and desires? 

Identify your career phase via BTER’s Professional Life Cycle and general goals for each phase of your career for discussion with your peers and with your family.
When do I get to make some choices? When do I get to have a say in my medical career? 

Analyze your own preferences and priorities then identify/verify the type of practice that you are in or that’s right for you based on these you, not based on what is available or the best first offer.

Economic Fundamentals of Practice

I need an overview of the US healthcare system framed in a way that I can understand. There’s just so much! 

This module gives a high level overview of the US healthcare spending, and it also takes a look at an individual practice, the organization of the practice and describes how each department within the practice is essential to the overall success of the practice (business).


What the #$%* is this, and can’t I just sign this so that I can get to work and make some money to pay down my loans? 

Stop, wait a minute. Absolutely not. This is one of the areas where we have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Contracts are integral parts of every physician’s career, so understanding the fundamentals is essential for every doc. Please don’t ever “just sign” a contract ever again. You will have a core understanding of the key terms within a contract that you must understand in order to have a fruitful conversation with your attorney, which in turn will also you to negotiate the best contract possible benefiting you, the practice and your family.


I know that I need some insurance, but what’s the big deal? Besides malpractice insurance, what else could I possibly need? 

First understand that insurance is a protective mechanism for you, your family and your career. Furthermore, there are different types of insurance that a physician should have, both professionally and personally. This module will defines and outlines the different types and applicability of insurance for you and your practice (business). 

How to Start a Practice

I can’t wait to find office space to start my practice (think your business). Let’s go! 

Hold your horses, there. Finding a location first is a little premature, considering the foundation of processes, strategy and research that needs to be done prior to starting your own practice (think your business), especially in this tumultuous healthcare environment. This module simplifies the process of starting your practice with the fundamentals of each step outlined in an understandable way. 

How to Join a Practice

I can’t wait to finish training! I’m going to sign the first contract that I receive. And, I hate negotiating so that will save some time so that I can start practicing sooner. 

First of all, you are expected to negotiate. Second of all, never sign the first contract that is offered to you. You must do your due diligence (your research) when considering any practice offer. This module outlines the things that you and your family should think about when making career moves, either your first, second or fifth. Similar to module 5, it describes the processes, strategy and research that should be done prior to joining any practice (think your business), especially in this tumultuous healthcare environment. This module simplifies the process of joining a practice with the fundamentals of each step outlined, clearly and succinctly.

Revenue Generation

Most of us physicians are not really sure how a practice generates revenue, primarily because we just have not talked about it in school or in training. 

Module 6 gives an overview of the revenue generating vehicles for a practice and details the Fee for Service reimbursement in the US third-party payor system. Not rocket science, but these are things we need to know, but just have not had nor taken the time to discuss.

How to Maintain a Practice

So, once I’m in a practice, can’t I JUST see patients and leave the running of the practice to the office staff? Ummm, no and no! 

Establishing routines (think processes, procedures and systems) is essential for every practice and practitioner. 

Advanced Concepts

More stuff that I need to know and no one gave us a heads up, including that would need to micromanage staff issues (daily), nor that my partner’s health status could effect our entire practice. Really?

Absolutely, issues around human resources (your staff) and your colleagues have to be managed and protective measures have to be put in place, but you have to be informed first. This module outlines some of the more advanced concepts in HR and insurance protections not previously discussed.

Evolving Trends

Dare we say it? Healthcare reform… enough said. The fundamentals are explained here.

Personal Finance

First paycheck – I’m rich! Doc, no, you’re not! 

Take some time to think about your income, debt, credit, asset protection, TAXES and succession planning in a logical way via the fundamentals of your personal finances as explained in this module.