BTER - 11 CME Physician Program

BTER - 11 CME Physician Program


The program offers:

  1. BTER® CME-Accredited Modules
  2. A GME/CME Module Workbook
  3. Program Templates, Blueprints and Checklists
  4. Access to BTER®’s Go-To Team of Advisors
  5. Quarterly Physician Development and Customized Engagement Sessions
  6. Monthly Online Webinars*
  7. BTER® Faculty-Accredited Training for your Lead Physicians**

*Physicians will be invited to participate in either BTER® Directed Curriculum or BTER®’s On-Demand (Self-Directed) Curriculum.
**Additional costs may apply.

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Program costs are per physician enrolled, at a rate near $91 per CME. The CMEs offered by BTER® are focused on bettering employer and physicians operations, communications and engagement.

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