Sr. Medical Students

What are the key business concepts/skills that I need to know as a physician?

What are the most common business mistakes that physicians make?

What are some business best practices that I can adopt as a physician?



The New Doctor's Toolkit is the best gift you can give

to the new physician in your life or to yourself.

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The New Doctor's Toolkit will allow a New Doctor
to start their career with the gifts of:

    The New Doctor’s Toolkit includes:

Four (4) Master Courses lead by Dr. Bonnie Mason and BTER Accredited Faculty Members

Critical e-Templates and Digital Blueprints for New Doctors

Bonus Tools created for New Doctors by Seasoned Doctors


What Doctors are saying about BTER tools and resources:

"BTER really gives residents the opportunity to bridge that gap by providing much needed information about the “Business of Residency” and the non-clinical landmines and pitfalls that they should watch out for as they proceed into training. It’s a quick study on expectations, challenges and responsibilities that all program directors want their New Doctors to understand in order to be successful in and Beyond the Exam Room!"